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Applied Pharmacology

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1. Auflage, 2010

Applied Pharmacology provides the essential details that are required for a solid understanding of pharmacology: how the drugs work, why side effects occur, and how the drugs are used clinically. Drs. Stan Bardal, Jason Waechter, and Doug Martin integrate the experience of the pharmacologist and the physician for a clinical focus that ensures a complete understanding of pharmacology...in print and online.

  • Find information quickly and compare and contrast drugs easily thanks to a clear and consistent format without extraneous material.
  • Apply basic pharmacology to clinical situations through integrated text. Enhance your learning with 'For Your Information' sections detailing history and anecdotes for many agents within a given drug class.
  • Find a wealth of additional resources online at www.studentconsult.com.
  • Learn the essential details of pharmacology and enhance your understanding through an entirely new, fantastic art program.
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