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A Theory on the Development of a Visor Quantum Technology as a Quantum Astrophysics based Possibility of a Quantum Medicine based in the Focus for Humans Conceived Eye Prosthesis

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1. Auflage, 2021

Motivated by the quantum gravity theory, which was developed by Erik Kolek as a quantum relativity theory and thus represents an extension of the special and general relativity theory of Albert Einstein, a connection between quantum physics and astrophysics, in short quantum astrophysics, and theoretical medicine is assumed today in this research contribution, which leads as a consequence to theoretical quantum medicine and a theoretically possible quantum technology development. It concerns with this special development possibility a visor quantum technology thus a theoretically possible, that is, perhaps realizable eye prosthesis, which is intended in the emphasis for humans. A specially developed supersymmetric relativistic model visualization approach supports students in building up an understanding without the need for in-depth knowledge of business information systems physics. The development approach regarding quantum technologies not only for quantum medicine was developed by an inventor who has research experience in the field of business information systems physics but no experience in research and practice within (theoretical) medicine; so this means Erik Kolek is not a physician! Therefore he is as a researcher free of bias towards information and knowledge concerning the probably revolutionary theoretical quantum medicine as well as really neutral as an inventor towards the highly innovative theoretically conceivable development of quantum technologies like the individual visor or universal visor. As results on quantum astrophysical basis an artificial eye adaptable to personal needs as a prosthesis (individual visor) and based on it a more uniformly usable and therefore more economical variation of this quantum technology (universal visor) are designed step by step. With the help of this theory, the quantum medicine-based development of this visor quantum technology is described by the quantum astrophysically founded possibilities, which should enable other inventors and researchers to a successful quantum technology development, however, this success nevertheless unfortunately cannot or may not guarantee generally, because it is to be aroused expressly no wrong hopes with potential patients of physicians like neurologists.

Erik Kolek did research for many years in the field of business information systems and changed on December 19, 2020 to the field of theoretical physics, because he was inspired to do so by a view to the edge of our ever faster expanding universe as well as by various research articles about the relativity theory by Albert Einstein and about black holes by Stephen Hawking. That is why Erik Kolek today conducts interdisciplinary research in theoretical business information systems physics with the goal of gradually developing as many necessary physical principles and advanced technologies as possible, not only for faster-than-light space travel, to enable humanity to make interstellar journeys as well as scientific progress in fields related to space travel, such as medicine, economics, and ecology. For the realization of his private research interest Erik Kolek uses his logical thinking, mathematical skills and pictorial imagination.
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