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Alternative self-cure

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1. Auflage, 2020

The author of this book is one of the many users of alternative medicine treatments. The book is not intended to replace the house doctor, the pharmaceutical industry, the certified practitioners of alternative medicine. The book is not intended to reduce the rising health care costs either. Certain health problems can be treated successfully at home, without a doctor and save the reader unnecessary costs. Many people, in many countries in the world, cannot afford a medical doctor. Many people have no health insurance, because they cannot pay for it. Some well insured people, in a desperate situation, are also willing to use alternative medication when the modern medicine has failed to cure them. The author has collected the remedies, listed in this book, in order to test them for personal use, because one never knows what illnesses one will face in lifetime. The remedies were collected from ancient sources and from people who have used personally some of the treatments. The author has tested some of the remedies, with great caution. Those readers, who would be willing to use some of these recipes, can do that entirely on their own responsibility. The author could not test all the recipes. The recipes, that were tested, are marked as tested and commented, as to their effectiveness and side effects.

The author was born in 1942. He has university education in philology and PhD in General, Applied and Computational Linguistics. He has published three scientific books, one novel and many articles in specialized journals. He has one U.S. patent for Automated Reasoning with developed prototypes for English and German languages.His interest in Alternative Medicine dates back from his childhood.
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