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Aromatherapy Plus

Shunya Cosmic® Healing

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1. Auflage, 2020

This book aims at describing in a simple way a special variety of aromatherapy and its application by therapists or at home. In addition the method of SHUNYA COSMIC® Healing is a singular concept following an entirely new and innovative way to combine aromatherapy and other concepts of healing to widen the power of those methods when applied on their own. For the connection of acupressure, meditation, special affirmation and energetic mandalas this concept of therapy offers a new and innovative alternative compared to formerly practised ways of treatment. Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular and is raised by SHUNYA COSMIC® Healing onto a new level of therapeutic work. This book invites the reader to trespass the coarse-material effectiveness of aroma essences and experience their deep impact on our spirit, mind, and body, to finally experience the core of our self.

MD Roya Schwarz, study of human medicine, has been practicing for 13 years in her own practice for integrative and preventive medicine with a focus on Chinese medicine, preventive medicine, Japanese acupuncture for children (Shônishin), Korean hand acupuncture, reflexology therapy, healing stone therapy according to Hildegard, Tuina, nutritional therapy, phytotherapy, Qigong, Taichi and meditation. Several years of training with various grand masters, among others in Chinese medicine and Japanese child acupuncture. Intensive occupation with energy and meditation techniques from the Far Eastern healing systems as well as with different Qigong and Tai Chi styles. Qualification for courses in the context of primary prevention, regular prevention courses in her practice. Several publications, regular training of therapists from medical circles, guest readings. Head of the Academy of Ancient Chinese Medicine (AofACM).
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