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Functional Neuroimaging in Whiplash Injury

New Approaches

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2. Auflage, 2019

This book, now in its second, completely revised and updated edition, offers a critical approach to the challenging interpretation of the latest research data obtained using functional neuroimaging in whiplash injury. Such a comprehensive guide to recent and current international research in the field is more necessary than ever, given that the confusion regarding the condition and the medicolegal discussions surrounding it have increased further despite the publication of much literature on the subject. In recent decades especially the functional imaging methods - such as single-photon emission tomography, positron emission tomography, functional MRI, and hybrid techniques - have demonstrated a variety of significant brain alterations. Functional Neuroimaging in Whiplash Injury - New Approaches covers all aspects, including the imaging tools themselves, the various methods of image analysis, different atlas systems, and diagnostic and clinical aspects. The book will help physicians, patients and their relatives and friends, and others to understand this condition as a disease.

Andreas Otte, MD, is a board-certified specialist in Nuclear Medicine and Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Division of Medical Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Offenburg University, Germany. Dr. Otte received his graduate and post-graduate medical education at the University Hospitals Freiburg, Germany, and Basle, Switzerland, and at the Paul Scherrer Research Institute in Villigen, Switzerland. Thereafter he held various leading positions in clinical research, including at the University Hospital Freiburg. From 2002 to 2009 Dr. Otte was Visiting Professor of Nuclear Medicine in the Medical Faculty of the University of Ghent in Belgium.  He took up his present position in 2010. Dr. Otte is the author of many peer-reviewed journal articles and the author or editor/co-editor of a number of books, including the Springer trilogy PET and SPECT in Neurology, PET and SPECT in Psychiatry, and PET and SPECT of Neurobiological Systems. Awarded a series of international scientific prizes, Dr. Otte was nominated Editor of the Board of the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine (1998-2003) and the Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine (since 2003).

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