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Addiction. New Treatments and Strategies

Things you didn't know about Drug Dependency

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1. Auflage, 2018

Research Paper (postgraduate) from the year 2017 in the subject Medicine - Therapy, grade: 1.0, Mount Kenya University, language: English, abstract: Drug arrests are common in most parts of the world with at least a quarter of the population locked up in America have committed and been arrested because of drugs. Despite the efforts by most governments to fight drugs the use rates remain steady over years. Many countries continue to spend huge amounts of money on war on drugs for security reasons and for a healthy population. Drug prohibition in many countries has left some drugs legal and others illegal such as marijuana and opium. Drug treatment is quite costly and demanding as those receiving treatment are required to remain in treatment for some time for treatment effectiveness. The process may involve multiple courses of treatment to attain success. In 2009, approximately 23.5 million persons in United States aged 12 and above needed some form of treatment for drug or alcohol abuse problems. Unfortunately, only 2.6 million roughly 11.2 percent of this population received treatment at a specialty facility. Alcohol abuse records highest admissions to substance abuse treatment facilities followed by heroin and other opiates followed by marijuana.


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