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Ebola. Containment of an Epidemic

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1. Auflage, 2017

Essay from the year 2015 in the subject Medicine - Epidemiology, grade: 75.2, Kenyatta University, language: English, abstract: Ebola control has threatened the world health security due to increase number of victims across the globe with Africa topping the list. It presents numerous challenges in its management both locally and globally. Some of the challenges in managing the epidemic gets noted on the fear and the tension which the victims suffer immediately; they realize they are affected. The situation makes difficult the administration of palliative care to the patient. One Hilde De Clerck who is an MSF doctor mentioned that at the time, the patient gets terrified, comforting them becomes difficult (Chowell, Gerardo, and James, 2). People also isolates themselves from them, and they remain withdrawn. The situation interferes with the emotional composure of the doctors who forms part of the management team. They get emotionally intense thus may not perform their duties as required. [...]

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