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The hCG Diet

How to target problem zones for long-term weight loss and feel great doing it

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1. Auflage, 2016

You want to lose weight in the 'problem areas' stomach, arms, and hips and keep your desired weight permanently? Since more than 50 years the hCG Diet makes exactly this possible. Until now this way of weight loss was reserved for the rich and famous because this lavish course of treatment with the endogenous substance hCG was, and still is, very expensive. Nowadays, homeopathic or hormone-free, bio-energized drops exist which are a less expensive, but just as effective alternative. Detailed explanations for the day-to-day course of the diet, delicious recipes, practical shopping lists, and helpful tips make the hCG Diet suitable for men and women in their everyday life. User Blog (German): www.hcgerfahrung.wordpress.com

Anne Hild is a trained non-medical practitioner and classic homeopath. Since years she deals with the meaning and effect of hormones on our well-being. She is the co-writer of the book 'Natürliche Hormontherapie', the core literature on the use of bio-identical hormones published in 2010. In her book 'Natürliches Anti-Aging' (2013) she shows how to use the power of hormones to stay young longer. Under www.hormony.de Anne Hild runs an internet platform on the topic of harmony with natural hormones.
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