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Toxicology: What Everyone Should Know

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1. Auflage, 2017

Toxicology: What Everyone Should Know is an essential reference for anyone looking for an entry into this fascinating field of study. This innovative book describes important discoveries in toxicology through the ages, explores their historical and sociological impacts, and shows how they still influence recent, state-of-the-art developments.

In addition, the book shows how these developments are extrapolated into public and political perceptions on risks and the regulatory consequences, emphasizing environmental issues, such as manmade and natural chemicals, their interaction and impact, nutrition, and drugs.

Users will find a cutting-edge approach to nutritional and combinatorial toxicology, risk evaluation modeling and the benefits of chemicals exposure (nutrition versus man-made chemicals), environmental health, and legislative frameworks to control the public's chemical exposure.

This is an essential reference for those looking for an introduction to toxicology, its past, and exciting future.

  • Presents a seminal toxicological discovery in each chapter, describing its evolution towards today's cutting-edge techniques
  • Shows how the study of toxicology directly impacts legislature, and discusses the need for a new look at risk evaluations
  • Includes introductions to a variety of toxicological concerns, such as risk perception, pesticides contamination, carcinogenic compounds, drug toxicities, and toxicological modelling

Aalt Bast studied chemistry at the Free University in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1978. His PhD study (on biotransformation enzymes) at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Faculty of Medicine) and at the University of Utrecht (Faculty of Pharmacy) was finished in 1981. Subsequently he became Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Utrecht. He was appointed Associate Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacochemistry at the Free University in Amsterdam in 1985, and became professor in Molecular Pharmacology in 1988. In 1998 he started to work as professor of Human Toxicology at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of the Maastricht University.

His main field of interest is the role of redox processes in drug toxicity and pathologies of the lung, the cardiovascular system and the liver. Moreover, the possibilities for therapeutic intervention with antioxidants (from food or as drugs) are explored. He is registered as an experimental pharmacologist and as a toxicologist. He (co-)authored over 500 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and many articles in nutrition and medical magazines. He is a frequently invited international speaker advocating a greater role for science and realistic risk analyses in public opinion and policy decisions. He was president of the Dutch Toxicological Society and member of the National Health Council.

He is on the editorial board of several pharmacological and toxicological journals. He has been the promotor of 50 PhDs.

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