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Evaluation of Drug Activities



Evaluation of Drug Activities: Pharmacometrics, Volume 1 provides a review and critical discussion of general and special pharmacological methods used in the search of new drugs. This book discusses the fundamental difference between a pharmacological study and a bio-assay in the nature of the biological activity.
Organized into two parts encompassing 19 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the pharmacological and toxicological studies on animals. This text then discusses the method of producing clinically successful drugs. Other chapters consider the objective of toxicity testing in determining the complications arising from the pharmacological action of the drug and also in discovering any unexpected side-effects. This book discusses as well the pharmacological effects and heredity in laboratory animals. The final chapter deals with the various aspects of hypertensive disease and its treatment.
This book is a valuable resource for scientists, biologists, physiologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, physicians, clinicians, and research workers.