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The Nervous System

Central Nervous System Drugs


Physiological Pharmacology: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume I: The Nervous System - Part A, Central Nervous System Drugs focuses on the influence of drugs on the functions of the central nervous system.
The selection first offers information on absorption, distribution, and elimination and effects upon physiological systems. Discussions focus on factors that disturb normal sequence of uptake and elimination of volatile drugs; variations in distribution due to systemic effects of anesthetics; factors influencing the uptake of gases by tissues; and theories of general anesthesia. The book also ponders on alcohols, including alcohols acting on the central nervous system; effect of alcohols on and outside the central nervous system; and synergisms and antagonisms between alcohols and other drugs.
The publication takes a look at sedatives and hypnotics, effects upon physiological systems, and analgesics and antipyretic drugs. The text also examines non-narcotic analgesics, tranquilizers, and diphenylmethane derivatives.
The selection is a vital source of data for readers interested in the effects of drugs on the central nervous system.