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Pharmacology for Student and Pupil Nurses and Student Pharmacy Technicians

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1. Auflage, 1971

Pharmacology for Student and Pupil Nurses and Student Pharmacy Technicians is based on lectures presented to nurses in training for the State Registration and State Enrollment Examinations and to Students in Dispensing. The book presents an account of drugs that are in use or are very likely to be used.
The text includes description of drug administration; antacids, gastric sedatives, laxatives, antidiarrheal, and diuretics are discussed in detail. The intravenous infusions, cardiovascular drugs, anti-anemics, hemostatics, and anticoagulants are described as to their effects and functions. A brief anatomy of the human circulatory process is presented. The next types of drugs discussed are those that target the respiratory system - expectorants and cough sedatives. The effects of sedatives, stimulants, analgesics, and anesthesia on the nervous system are discussed in detail. Antibiotics, drugs combating infection, tropical diseases, sera, and vaccines as prophylactic and therapeutic remedies are explained. Other drugs, such as antiseptic and disinfectants, drugs used in endoctrine therapy and malignant diseases, as well as drugs that are locally applied and those used in diagnosis are explained. The process of ordering, storage, and administration of drugs; calculations used in determining safe dosages; and the poisons regulations concerning dangerous and potentially harmful drugs are covered in detail.
Pharmacists, student pharmacy technicians, professors of pharmacology, practitioners of general medicines, and specialists with interests in drug therapy will find this reference valuable.
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