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Salt and Water Balance

Proceedings of The Third International Pharmacological Meeting July 24-30, 1966


Salt and Water Balance, Volume 8 presents the proceedings of the 3rd International Pharmacological Meeting, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 24-30, 1966. This book features the modulation of renal control of electrolyte and water balance, which is the most effective approach of handling most clinical problems wherein fluid retention needs to be reduced.
Comprised of 10 chapters, this compilation of papers starts with an overview of the diuretic agents that are effective diuretic therapy. This text then describes the active transport, which proceeds at the expense of energy against the combined chemical and electrical gradients in the case of electrolytes. Other chapters consider the historical importance in therapy and the mechanisms of action of mercurial diuretics. This book discusses as well the complications and unwanted side effects of diuretic therapy. The final chapter deals with the hemodynamic mechanisms and their possible influence on the tubular function.
This book is a valuable resource for physicians, health care professionals, and patients.