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Latent Syphilis and the Autonomic Nervous System


Latent Syphilis and the Autonomic Nervous System, Second Edition describes the link between the pathogenesis of syphilis and the autonomic nervous system.
This book is composed of 15 chapters, and begins with a brief introduction to the pathology of syphilis, followed by chapters on the physiologic changes in the thyroid gland, including thyroid enlargement and goiter formation, in early syphilis. The succeeding chapters are devoted to syphilis-related diseases, such as allergy, asthma, vasomotor disturbances, dysphagia, dyspepsia, cancer, and superficial ulceration of the mouth. A chapter describes some clinical features in latent syphilis. The final chapter examines the clinical manifestations of pes cavus, which is both an acquired and congenital disease.
This book is of value to pathologists, endocrinologists, clinicians, and medical researchers.