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Drugs in Cerebral Palsy

Based on a Symposium Held at Dallas, 24-26 November, 1963


Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 16: Drugs in Cerebral Palsy: Based on a Symposium held at Dallas, 24-26 November, 1963 is a collection of papers of the 1963 Symposium on Drugs in Cerebral Palsy, arranged by the American Academy. This book is composed of nine chapters that cover the various components and treatment options involved in cerebral palsy.
This text begins with a presentation of the many problems of drug evaluation, with an emphasis on the issue that human responses to a drug cannot be predicted from those of animals and that the response of one human to a drug may differ quite sharply from that of another. The next chapters deal with the historical developments and pharmacology of drugs in cerebral palsy, as well as the two aspects of drug evaluation, namely, the immediate or direct effects of the drug on patients and the double-blind test. The discussion the shifts to the pharmacological capacity of muscle relaxants and anti-convulsant drugs. The last chapter considers the possible toxic drug reactions, which are the result of individual idiosyncrasy and may occur regardless of drug dosage.
This book will be of value to pharmacologists, neurologists, clinicians, and researchers who are interested in drug evaluation in cerebral palsy.