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Herbal Simples

Approved for Modern Uses of Cure


Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure, Second Edition considers the medical nature of herbal simples based on accurate and precise chemical analysis.
This book examines the positive remedial actions of numerous herbal plants in terms of their chemical constituents and their curing capacity. Leading herbal simples are reviewed alphabetically, and to ensure accuracy, the genus and species of each plant are particularized. This text reconsiders those safe and sound herbal curative remedies and medicine that were formerly most in vogue as homely simples, whether to be taken or to be outwardly applied. The issue of whether the herbal simples be employed as auxiliaries by the physician in attendance or are welcomed for prompt service in a household emergency is discussed.
This book will be of great value to biologists, herbalists, and research workers in the fields related to herbal medicines.