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British Surgical Practice

Abdominal Emergencies to Autonomic Nervous System


British Surgical Practice, Volume I describes the diagnosis, physiology, symptoms, treatment, and appropriate surgical procedure of various health problems.
This book is composed of 45 chapters, and begins with discussions on the available treatment and surgical options for abdominal problems, abortion, formation of abscess, achlorhydria, acidosis, actinomycosis, and pulmonary tuberculosis. Other chapters describe the clinical features and surgical treatments for other medical conditions, including allergy, amebiasis, amputations, amyloidosis, angina pectoris, and angioma. Considerable chapters explore the fundamentals and principles of post-operative methods and surgical anesthesia. The concluding chapters consider the surgical options for anus problems, anxiety states, appendicitis, arthritis, and artery and autonomic nervous problems.
Surgeons, physicians, and medical personnel will find this book invaluable.