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Progress in Chemical Toxicology

Volume 1


Progress in Chemical Toxicology, Volume 1 covers the developments in toxicology, including the usefulness of the developed techniques and methods with necessary modifications for toxicological studies. The book describes the isolation and separation techniques for the identification of poisons; the application of gas chromatograph to toxicology; and the pharmacological and toxicological effects aliphatic alcohols. The text also discusses the isolation, purification, identication, and the toxicology of acidic and neutral poisons, ataraxics and nonbarbiturate sedatives. The determination of antiarthritics, antihistamines, and thymoleptics; the physicochemical properties for the identification of narcotics and related bases; and the toxicity of air pollutants are also considered. The book further tackles the analytical methods for air pollutants; the occurrence, symptoms, and treatment of mushroom poisoning; and the toxic components of poisonous seeds and fruits poisonous seeds and fruits. Toxicologists, chemists, and scientists in forensic science laboratories will find the text invaluable.