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Drug Design

Medicinal Chemistry: A Series of Monographs, Vol. 5

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1. Auflage, 1975

Drug Design, Volume V covers the fundamental approaches to the development of bioactive compounds. The book discusses the utilization of operational schemes for analog synthesis in drug design; the design of enzyme inhibitors (transition state analogs); and the significance of structure-absorption-distribution relationships for drug design.
The text describes the role of charge-transfer processes in the action of bioactive materials, as well as the approaches to the rational combination of antimetabolites for cancer chemotherapy. The physicochemical, quantum chemical, and other theoretical techniques for the understanding of the mechanism of action of central nervous system (CNS) agents, such as psychoactive drugs, narcotics, and narcotic antagonists and anesthetics, are also encompassed.
Chemists, biochemists, pharmacologists, and people involved in drug design will find the book invaluable.
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