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Forensic Toxicology

Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Chemical Defence Establishment, Porton Down, 29-30 June 1972


Forensic Toxicology presents the legal and medical aspects of the detrimental effects of chemicals on humans. This book discusses the immediate and long-term consequences of accident or deliberate poisoning, the detection of such poisoning, and the interpretation of the possible importance of demonstrating exogenous substances in biological fluids and tissues.
Organized into 14 chapters, this compilation of papers begins with an overview of the fundamental procedure and interpretation in forensic toxicology. This text then examines the ways in which enzymes may be used in the analysis of drugs. Other chapters consider the equipment and reagents required in the rapid tests for drugs in urine. This book presents as well barbiturate poisoning from the viewpoint of the forensic pathologist performing the post mortem over the cause of death. The final chapter deals with further advances in forensic toxicology.
This book is a valuable resource for general practitioners, forensic toxicologists, forensic pathologists, and police officers.