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Hormone Assay

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1. Auflage, 1950

Hormone Assay considers assay methods in detail, focusing on vertebrate hormones. Statistics as applied to biological assay is another field in which recent advances have been phenomenal, although the application of modern methods to the design and analysis of many assays awaits full development. This simultaneous progress in the two fields of work has nevertheless provided a fruitful series of examples of how assays can be conducted in order to gain the greatest amount of information from the material available, and to express results in precise form.
The book opens with a chapter on the use of and need for statistics in assays, followed by a chapter on insulin, which exemplifies some of the methods described. Subsequent chapters discuss assay methods for parathyroid hormone, adrenalin, pituitary lobe hormones, melanophore expanding hormone from the pituitary, gonadotropins, adrenocorticotropin, thyrotropic hormone, and lactogenic hormone. Also covered are assay procedures for mammogenic hormone, mammogenic hormone, androgens, and estrogens.
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