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What Is Wrong with British Diet?

Being an Exposition of the Factors Responsible for the Undersized Jaws and Appalling Prevalence of Dental Disease Among British Peoples

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1. Auflage, 1936

What is Wrong with British Diet? focuses on the components of a healthy diet and the flaws of British diet.
The book first offers information on eugenics, hygiene, adaptability of the nervous system, and pre-agricultural diet contrasted with the diet of civilized man. The phases in man's dietetic history; effect of agriculture on the relative proportion of animal and vegetable food; and animal versus vegetable food are also discussed.
The text underscores the need of raw vegetable food, as well as milk and eggs, carbohydrates, and cereals bread. The manuscript also ponders on co-operative catering, ideal school diet, quantity of food, and national food supply. Sunlight treatment, prevention and cure of rickets, changes in the British jaws and teeth since the introduction of agriculture, and the structure and decay of teeth are elaborated.
The publication is a dependable reference for readers interested in the components of a healthy diet.
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