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A Theoretical and Practical Handbook Containing Chapters on Separate Renal Function and Pyelography

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1. Auflage, 1927

Cytoscopy is a 21-chapter text that covers the significant advances in the field of cytoscopy. Cytoscopy is an endoscopic test of the urinary bladder through the urethra using a cystoscope.
After providing an overview of the historical developments of cytoscopy, the book goes on describing the features of a cytoscope and the examination routine of a urological patient through cytoscopy. These topics are followed by discussions on the application of cytoscopy to the diagnosis of various urinary bladder diseases, such as cystitis, ulceration, bilharziasis, trabeculation, and bladder tumor. Other chapters deal with the diagnosis of a foreign body in the urinary bladder; the alterations in the bladder resulting from changes in the uterus; and stone in the ureter. The last chapters look into the localization of the primary focus of kidney diseases using diagnostic method of ureteric catheterization. These chapters also cover the methods of examining the renal function and the significance of pyelographic data on renal disease diagnosis.
This book is an ideal source for urologists.
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