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The New Physiology in Surgical and General Practice

New Physiology in Surgical and General Practice

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5. Auflage, 1922

The New Physiology in Surgical and General Practice, Fifth Edition deals with surgical problems and common diseases confronting practitioners of surgical and general medicine. The author reviews the physiology of the muscles during activity that includes the muscles of the heart, of the lungs, blood flow, adrenaline flow, and the central nervous system. The author discuses the functions of the kidneys, renal diseases, and the tests to gauge renal function. Food deficiency diseases can be caused by the omission or insufficient intake of an essential food ingredient such as vitamin B which prevents beriberi. The author also discusses the incidence of appendicitis based on the records of the Bristol Royal Infirmary and points that relative to the total food eaten, a decrease of cellulose consumption can cause appendicitis. Human races that consume vegetable foods seldom have appendicitis inflammation; when they follow the European diet, they lose their immunity. The author also describes surgical shock, localization of functions in the brain, and the action of cutaneous anesthetics. This book is intended for the general practitioner, consulting doctor of surgery, and medical students.
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