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Advances in Metabolic Disorders

Volume 2


Advances in Metabolic Disorders discusses the uric acid and gout, the macroglobulins, the metabolism of testosterone in feminizing testes, tryptophan metabolism, and anabolic steroids. It defines the concept of nitrogen-retaining steroids and their use in disease. The book also explains the meaning of macroglobulinemia.
The text examines the genetic factors in the development of gout. The technology involved in the control of purine synthesis is analyzed. The nucleotide degradation and uric acid synthesis are explained. The accumulation of uric acid in gout is discussed in detail. The formation of renal stone is explored. A chapter of the book focuses on a group of antibody molecules. This chapter also introduces cytology, hematology, and serology. A section of the volume is devoted to the source of macroglobulins, chromosomal aberrations, the analysis of urinary metabolites and the nature of macroglobulinemia.
The book will provide useful information to doctors, students, and researchers in the field of medicine.