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Schering Symposium on Endocrinology, Berlin, May 26 to 27, 1967

Advances in The Biosciences

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1. Auflage, 1969

Advances in the Biosciences 1: Schering Symposium on Endocrinology, Berlin, May 26 to 27, 1967 is a collection of papers presented at the Schering Symposium on Endocrinology held in Berlin, Germany, on May 26-27, 1967. Contributors explore a wide range of topics relating to endocrinology, including the radioimmunoassay of gonadotropins; steroid transformations in human and rat testes; hormonal control of sexual behavior in adult rats; and regulation of synthesis and release of anterior pituitary hormones both in vitro and in vivo.
This book is comprised of 25 chapters and begins by analyzing a hormone, prepared from liquor folliculi and whole ovaries, that causes typical estrus in spayed rats, followed by a discussion on the preparation of a crystalline ovarian hormone from the urine of pregnant women. Subsequent chapters focus on hypothalamic control and pathways of release of neurohypophysial hormones; effect of amino acids and proteins on insulin secretion in human subjects; hormonal regulation of sexual behavior in adult rats; and some aspects of steroid transformations in the testes of human subjects and of rats with experimental cryptorchidism or feminization. Results of ultrastructural and subcellular studies of storage and release of neurohypophysial hormones are also presented.
This monograph will be a useful resource for endocrinologists.
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