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The Sebaceous Glands

Proceedings of the Brown University Symposium on the Biology of Skin, 1962


Advances in Biology of Skin, Volume 3: The Sebaceous Glands covers the proceedings of the 1962 Brown University Symposium on the Biology of Skin. The symposium considers the developmental sequences of sebaceous glands in man, their structural and functional attributes, and the analysis of skin surface lipids and their synthesis.
This book is organized into 14 chapters, and starts with an introduction to the sebaceous glands. The subsequent chapter deals with the sebaceous glands in oral and lip mucosa. These topics are followed by discussions on ectopic sebaceous glands and the structure of sebaceous glands of man. Other chapters describe the effect of age and sex on the metabolism of rat, as well as the problems in the analysis of sebum. The last chapters consider the hormonal control of sebaceous glands in both animals and humans.
This book will be of value to biologists and research workers.