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The Science of Signs and Symptoms

In Relation to Modern Diagnosis and Treatment: A Textbook for General Practitioners of Medicine


The Science of Signs and Symptoms in Relation to Modern Diagnosis and Treatment describes the state of consciousness in relation to concussion, cerebral compression, and quality of the blood. This book is composed of 48 chapters that discuss the physical basis of pain sensations, the different types of paralysis, and the significance of having a recurring headache.
Some of the topics covered in the book are the pathways to different varieties of sensation; functions of the nervous pathway; varieties of sensory paralysis; description of functional disturbances; definition of axon and spinal reflex; important nature of tendon reflex; and neurological basis of clinical abnormalities of tone and posture. Other chapters deal with the different types of convulsions and the role of the eyes, muscle sense, and vestibular apparatus in equilibrium are extensively discussed. An analysis of the causes of vertigo is provided. The remaining chapters look into the formation and types of aphasia. These chapters also examine the effects of intracranial pressure.
The book can provide useful information to the medical instructors, doctors, students, and researchers.