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Sleep Disorders Part I

Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series Editors: Aminoff, Boller and Swaab)


Since the late 90's, a renewed interest in the neurobiology of sleep has provided new advancements in the understanding of basic sleep science and the clinical aspects of sleep disorders, with particular interest given to the role of genetics.

From laboratory techniques and therapies, groundbreaking research in sleep-wakefulness, new models of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep mechanisms, to bright light therapy for circadian rhythm sleep disorders, this handbook will provide clinicians and researchers with a state-of-the-art reference that summarizes the clinical features and management of the many neurological manifestations of sleep disorders.

Practitioners will find invaluable research, information, and laboratory techniques on such topics as sleep-wake-dependent genes, the role of sleep duration in mortality and morbidity, and advancements in the understanding of the neurobiology of sleep disorders, including narcolepsy-cataplexy, restless legs syndrome, REM behavior disorders, fatal familiar insomnia, sleep apnea and heart failure, and nocturnal paroxysmal dystonia, amongst others. In addition, significant advancements in therapies and drug protocols are presented.

* Clinical data on groundbreaking advancements in the understanding of basic sleep science
* Invaluable information on new therapies and drug protocols for sleep disorders
* A state-of-the-art reference that includes the role of genetics in sleep medicine