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Female Pelvic Imaging, An Issue of Radiologic Clinics of North America,

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1. Auflage, 2014

Guest edited by Theodore Dubinsky and Neeraj Lalwani, this issue of Radiologic Clinics will examine the latest developments and best practices for female pelvic imaging. Topics include MR Imaging of Urethra and Peri-urethral Disorders, Placenta Evaluation on MR, Imaging of Female Infertility, Obstetric Complications, Imaging of Acute Abdomen in Pregnancy, Gestational Trophoblastic Disease, Updates in 3D Pelvic Sonography, Role of Interventional Procedures in Ob/Gyn, Ovarian Cystic Lesions, Gynecological Malignancies, PET Imaging for Malignancies, and MR Imaging of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.
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